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VIDEO: CANNA-GATE – CEN Biotech vs. Lakeshore, Ontario
A recap of the events between CEN Biotech (FITX) and The Town of Lakeshore.

Recorded entry(ies) for T-550-15

Court number information
Court Number : T-550-15
Proceeding Category : Applications Nature : S. 18.1 Application for Judicial Review
Type of Action : Non-Action

4 records found for T-550-15
Doc Date Filed Office Recorded Entry Summary
4 2015-04-14 Toronto Affidavit of service of Yuri Li sworn on 14-APR-2015 on behalf of Respondent confirming service of doc3 upon Applicant by telecopier on 14-APR-2015 with Exhibits A filed on 14-APR-2015
3 2015-04-14 Toronto Notice of appearance on behalf of Respondent filed on 14-APR-2015
2 2015-04-13 Toronto Service copy of Doc. No. 1 with proof of service upon Respondent on 13-APR-2015 filed on 13-APR-2015
1 2015-04-10 Toronto Notice of application and 2 copies with regard to Judicial Review (s.18) filed on 10-APR-2015 Certified copy(ies)/copy(ies) transmitted to Deputy Attorney General of Canada Tariff fee of $50.00 received: yes

The last database update occurred on 2015-04-27 15:34

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